Sunday, January 13, 2008

A True Encore

[Encore Packaging: All hail Optimus]
Written by GL

Great news: The Encore Edition of Optimus Prime (with his trailer) is being re-stocked. Shall I say it one more time: Optimus Prime is being re-stocked. Check out all good online re-sellers for your bargains.

What an awesome way to start 2008; with your very own close-to-the-realest GI Optimus Prime action figure.

This purchase should strictly be for those of you who missed out on this classic figure - if you were one of those, I suggest you use the coming pay-day to get, get, get. They'll sell out fast for sure and there'll be no other great way to re-remember you're childhood than with an Encore Edition Transformer. But, not just any Transformer - Optimus!

This original cast with Japanese import packaging is arriving in warehouse in the US next month and should be priced at around US$75 (or B$110). Drop it like it's hot.