People who know us would say that we've been in the blogging game for way too long. And, that we've been the action figure and comic culture fan-boy scene for even longer! It's been our curse, and our pleasure as well. Either way, Kal-el and I just can't seem to run away from it all.

We like to call it the "All-Spark": that flame of a fanatic desire to follow in all things super, ultra, heroic, villainous, etc. I guess that's what's kept us going the whole time.

To brag a little: The House of El and Classic Articulation were once (in a galaxy and time far, far away) nominated in the top 5 blogs in Brunei Darussalam. Ain't that a kicker?! A nomination like that is hard to let go of and a little sad when once considers the state that these two fine blogs have fallen to in the recent years.

Glad to say that we never let them fall into disrepair, and knowing the kind of fan-boys that Kal-el and I are - we knew, with enough boredom and enough All-Spark, we'd revive them again some sunny day. Fast-forward to 2011 and we are back to where we left off; ready to write, ready to build hype, ready let it all loose once again.

Classic Articulation was the result of a late night cruise with conversation that focused on how great it was to grow up surrounded by the right 80s environment - namely play-sets, dioramas, replica weapons, morning cartoons, theme songs, colorful heroes, undying villains, no driving licenses and a lot of comic books. This blog is about those awesome toys that everyone had and gave away and those video tapes (non hi-def) with cartoons that got recorded over. Most importantly, this blog is about never knowing when to say "I'm too damn old".