Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back To Work

[The Tally: How we stack up so far]
Written by GL

A big welcome to all new and returning readers to this humble little blog corner. We are two weeks into the new year and I hope it's going to be a year that pans would well for us, the fans, the country and the merchandise. And, as always, we are keeping it retro. Always retro.

Through no fault of my own ego, I've posted the little image above, nicely generated by Rano.

I don't care about the stats, I don't care really about where we rank in the whole scale of things, and I don't care what percentage Classic Articulation gets; I am just totally happy to be nominated. Unfortunetely, I didn't even manage to catch the radio broadcast about the Simpur awards - as I mentioned, Kal-El and I only found out after a friend told us. It's simply great to have been nominated amongst all those other out-doorsy blogs (which I'm sure are great).

My first message to the fans for this year should be this (my apologies to Elton John): this is our song, it may be quite simple but, now that it's done, I hope everyone doesn't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life just is.

Now, let's get one with the show...