Thursday, December 27, 2007

The 4000th Shout-Out

The Christmas and New Year's time always brings a lot of gifts - and I've received many from good friends, however, this one couldn't be nicer; Classic Articulation has finally hit 4000 reads right before the end of this year.

I am as pleased as punch to say it.

A big thanks to all the fans once again, and great of everyone to check back often. Once again, I hope everyone spends the New Year in peace and safety. A lot of wacky stuff happened this year (some good and some bad), and none could be more wackier than the fact that Kal-el and I started our blogs.

He is also as pleased as punch about it.

We were just hanging out a minute ago and reminiscing about everything (the chatter and jokes and plans about our blog writing schedule) that led up to this and we couldn't be happier. We couldn't be more pleased as punch about it.

I shall leave this to be the last blog entry for 2007. And I'll start afresh (with probably a new look) come January just for a bit of change. I suppose this old template is starting to wear out it's look, don'tcha think?

In any case, the year is closing and some of us may have had our ups and downs, our moments of sadness and happiness; but never forget that after so many cracks of thunder and lightning, the darkest night always gives light to the brightest day.

This coming year's eve, let's all wish for a little more peace on earth: may we always be brave enough to choose right from wrong and possess the wisdom to know the difference.

Emerald Guardian Of Sector 2814