Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Joe's Casting Update

So, we all know that the G. I. Joe movie is coming out. Thus, I accept the full responsibility of keeping everyone on our side of the world updated on how everything is panning out for this flick. God knows, we hope the show will be a good one - the ability to take an awesome retro cartoon and turn it into a modern film whilst keeping everyone from the 80s that made the show good, is a hard job for any production company.

And everyone knows, we've had our share of crappy films.

The latest casting updates are as follows: we left with Sienna Miller and Ray Park being cast as an unknown 'Baroness' like character, and Snake Eyes, respectively. New joiners to the cast of the Stephen Sommers adaptation are, firstly, Byung Hun Lee.

[Byung-Hun Lee: pearly whites]

Lee is best known for he work in the heart-wrenching Winter Sonata, and is pretty much an icon in Korea. This pretty boy is set to the play the totally cool Storm Shadow, ninja assassin of the Cobras. Now, that is awesome news. Let's hope this fella is up to the challenge of portraying such a landmark character.

Second to the G. I. Joe team is a hot female, who's going to take the lead role of Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara. Scarlett is a purely landmark character as well because she was the first female to appear in the toy-line. She is being played by Rachel Nichols.

[Rachel Nichols: luscious but sleepy]

Rachel Nichols appeared in Alias a few times, and was also Yahoo's Model Of The Month for 2000. I suppose for the role, Nichols will have to turn into a red head to match her counter-part characters.

Needless to say, the movie is start to pick up speed, with casting call being made all over the place. G. I. Joe is set for an August 9 2009 release.