Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hot Stuff

[Rodimus: arise]
Written by GL

There are very few Autobots that are cooler than Rodimus. When he burst on to the movie screen, few guys out there could doubt his coolness. Especially after that seen where he finally opens the Matrix. Gives my cold, cold heart little shivers.

Combine the coolness of Rodimus, and the awesome designing effort of Revoltech, and you've got a retro figure that just screams awesome-ness. The very look of him seems to show off his pompousness.

This authentic to the cartoon Rodimus Revoltech figure has 2 different back fin/wing attachments to help you transform him from to either Hot Rodimus or Rodimus Convoy.

Head to Big Bad Toy Store with US$24.99 (B$37) to enjoy the awesome-ness of Rodimus. Have I said 'awesome-ness' already?