Sunday, December 9, 2007

Arise, Wannabe Prime

[The Martix: right out of the 80's]
Written by GL

Now ain't this a thing of beauty. If there's nothing that will make you feel like a leader of a clan of transforming robots from space, this thing will.

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership is not a thing to be taken lightly. Nor is this a thing that is cheap. It comes in two variants, one more expensive than the other: an original, pictured above, and an exclusive repaint edition. The original is currently on backorder, and the repaint is on pre-order for for this month.

The Matrix of Leadership statue includes a light-up feature, a Key to Vector Sigma, and a hand-numbered base. Physically, the Matrix follows a it's cartoon counterpart design - a golden sphere with a meteoric core, mounted with a grasping bracket, mounted atop a mechanized pylon cradle emblazoned with the Autobot insignia.

The variant is limited to only 300 individually numbered units made worldwide. The upside is that the Matrix is and always has been signaled by that feel good retro hit 'The Touch' by mega-star Stan Bush. Get the CD to go with it, and blast out this song as you're holding your Matrix high above you in your studio apartment.

The original cast is going for US$159.99 (B$232) and the variant for US$175.99 (B$255). Get yours at Big Bad Toy Store.

You've got the touch, baby.