Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's An Emergency

[Ratchet: new version with new color]
Written by GL

Straight from the factories of Japan comes the Encore Emergency Version of the Autobot soldier, Ratchet.

The process of obtaining this item from Japan is long and hard: you have to purchase a $30 book, fill out a mail-order slip and pay retail pricing for the item. Current suppliers of this variant have been able to shell out this figure because they actually have their own contacts (in Japan) who'll purchase the book and fill out the mail-order form for you. If you're willing to pass out the cash money, of course.

Because of the expense and time spent on this process, the selling price is high. Therefore, this is for the true collectors out there. I won't tell you the exact price right now, but I will recommend and direct you to Big Bad Toy Store: Encore - Ratchet Emergency Green Version.

Remember to sit down before seeing the price.