Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Takara Does It Again

[Megatron: at least, I think it's Megatron]
Written by GL

Holy monkeys! These Takara Masterpieces are huge - not huge like popular (which they also are, by the way) but huge like won't-fit-into-my-luggage huge. I saw Skywarp already for sale in Kuala Lumpur and it was amazing. The presentation of these figure is near flawless; it kinda makes you feel like you're buying over-priced chocolates rather than a toy.

In any case, the MP-5 Megatron has been in collector's new for a a while now. Of course, the hype of the movie did a lot to set the whole Takara line into orbit-style popularity. But do not doubt that the Masterpieces are named well because that's exactly what they are - masterpieces.

Megatron stands at around 12" tall - equal in size to the Masterpiece Optimus Prime. And don't worry, he's gonna be one helluva big gun. Megatron will be a Walther P-38, as he should be traditionally, and will be the total figure-to-get version that everyone's always wanted. It is unsure if Takara will use die-cast metal parts, or if the item will be mostly plastic, but either way should be awesome.

Please note however that if you purchase this action figure, it will come with a bright orange plug glued to barrel (for US firearm regulations). And keep in mind, if you do manage to find the unplugged Masterpiece figure and manage to find the time to point it at a cop, you will (most probably) be shot.

[The Firearms Requirement: keep out of reach of children]

MP-5 Megatron is going for US$100 (or about B$120). Order him now and expect to receive him in December 2007. Surf all the websites you can for the best offer.