Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Die-Cast Knight

[KITT: the world's sweetest ride]
Written by GL

Coming at you from nowhere (which I'm sure Kal-El will appreciate) are retro revamped models just right for the action series fan.

Made by the unassuming Skynet company, who also manufactures Robocop and Alien figures, this KITT model is totally out of die-case and is built to a scale of 1/43. This means that if you could increase the size of this model 43 times, you could sit in it, drive it to Boustead and get it fitted with new rims and a leather trim.

But that's not all, also made to the same scale, for your collector's delight, is KARR. Built the same and shaped the same, just with a different paint job.

Expect to pay US$43.77 (or B$61) for each of these baby's and expect them to only arrive by November 2007. Check out more on Big Bad Toy Store.