Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Masterpiece

[Voltron: not Megatron]
Written by GL

Anything Takara can do, Toynami can attempt to do better. If Transformers is retro-style, Voltron can be retro-style too.

Voltron could have been considered to be the original Devastator, in terms of sheer mechanics. That's my two cents. Now, on with the presentation.

This is one of the coolest retro-tribute I've seen in a while. This awesome looking set is presented a book-style box. The individual lions (that's right, it comes with the five original lions) are done in both plastic and die-cast, are fully functional and with total (hopefully, true-to-old-school articulation).

In combined mode, Voltron should stand roughly at 11" tall. Additionally, Voltron will be equipped with at least two accessories - his star-bladed shield and Robeast-bisecting sword. The Voltron figure looks to be extremely well articulated and detailed to the point of being practically cartoon-true.

Voltron, the ultimate retro-bot, can be yours for US$129.99 (or B$182) which is a hefty sum. He is in stock now at Big Bad Toy Store. So, rock on.