Saturday, October 27, 2007

Poll Results: Which Was The Coolest Weapon Ever?

Written by GL

Whew! It's about time that I sourced out the results of this many-weeks-old poll. And the results were less than surprising. Perhaps I shouldn't have included the lightsaber as an option - because the majority are bound to go for it.

There is little doubt that the lightsaber was and is one of the most classic retro-weapons ever. It is the most noticeable and most niche amongst mass market collectors, and one of the most beloved and adored by Star Wars fanatics (of which, there are thousands).

In preparation of the above poll result, I did a little bit of information sourcing and dug up the above diagram which gives a pretty nice explanation of the mechanics of the lightsaber - great for moderate Star Wars fans, such as myself, and old news to the fanatics out there. In any case, read and learn.

Lightly following behind the popularity of the lightsaber is the Sword of Greyskull, the power-harness of He-Man. I dig this sword because I used to have the plastic weapon play-set, that came with chest armor and a shield even. I was such a pampered child. However, I must be honest and point out that the design of this sword left little to be desired. It had no real distinctive features save for the two-holed hilt. But now I'm just nit-picking.

A big thanks to the one voter for the Sword Of Omens. I could never leave out this classic Thundercats propaganda - another one of those really 'see-it-and-know-it-already' items. God bless 'em and no one else.

Thanks to the fans who voted for this poll and who have put up with the very slow updates of this blog. I appreciate it immensely.