Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Cobra 5-Pack Is Here

[Cobra Packaging: looks like it would stack nicely]
Written by GL

If you happen to have a whole lot of G. I. Joes already but not enough Cobras to have a proper play show down, then this pack would be just nice for you; especially if the variants catch your eyes. I, personally, think they're awesome and am considering putting these lines onto my credit card. Now - if only I the bank would allow me to have a credit card.

This new 5-Pack contains: Cobra Commander (in battle dress), Storm Shadow (in Dragon-variant), a Cobra Stinger Driver, a Cobra Air Trooper, Cobra (the classic foot-soldier).

A little about each character: Cobra Commander’s battle armor allows him to mingle among the troops, is air-conditioned and largely attack-resistant. The helmet is geared with red-outs and a computer display (only not in reality). The armor itself includes a breathing hose and pack, and Cobra Commander is armed with a black pistol accessory. Storm Shadow is equipped with an entire arsenal, including katana swords, wakizashi knife, and a bow and quiver of arrows. Cobra Officers have slightly different uniform designs than those of the standard Cobra troops, and are described as front-line fighters. Officers are generally scattered throughout the world. The Cobra Stinger Driver, however, is an officer graduate of the Stinger Driver school.

Of worthy mention is the Cobra infantry solider, the raw material of the Cobra army. The figure is armed with a black Dragunov sniper’s rifle and is the standard of their military.

This 5-pack is in-stock now at Big Bad Toy Store, and is set priced at US$30 (or B$45). Pay the site a visit and have a look for yourself for the other offer stuff. Get it while it's cheap.