Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2000 Already (?)

[Adam: the sparkles are tickling him]
Written by GL

You check in and out of your blog for a few months and look what happens: 2,000 faithful readers have come and gone.

A big 'Thank You' to all the supporters of the retro scene; it's just great to know that there are fellows out there who still remember the good old days when toys were toys and girls were easier to get along with. All that's changed is toys and girls have gotten more expensive.

Kal-El and I are really happy with the way things have gone with our blogs and are hoping to never let it fade, regardless of the fact that we've gotten a little bit busier in the past months and can't be updating as much as we could in the beginning. Our apologies for that, by the way. But we're still here trying our best to keep you interested.

From Transformers, to M.A.S.K., to He-Man, to Centurions and Visionaries, we love it all and we hope you, who come back regularly, love it too.

Keep the passion going, guys and gals.