Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lynx Is Back

[Sky Lynx: chewing on other robots is cool]
Written by GL

There were a heck of a lot Autobots released back in the day. And, there's nothing cooler than hearing that that retro popularity hasn't died. And, there's nothing more cooler than hearing that all my favourite companies are reissuing Generation I style characters, faithful to the original. An Autobot I haven't seen in years is Sky Lynx.

Sky Lynx was a space shuttle that could transform into a dragon-slash-bird creature, combimed with a ground transport vehicle that transformed into a lynx. These two parts can combine either in vehicle or in animal modes, creating a space shuttle or (ummm...) and even bigger bird. The Sky Lynx toy was one of the largest Generation 1 Transformers, almost as big as the awesome Metroplex. Those who remember would know that Sky Lynx, for all his size and novelty, didn't come with any accessories.

[Original Packaging: an awesome looking collectible]

Transformers collectors would be happy to take note that Generation I Sky Lynx was displayed at a recent Tokyo toy show. Following this Sky Lynx will be returning in February 2008 as the first new reissue after quite some time. The cool thing about the Encore line is that you get an old school figure but with new pearly white plastic, working electronics, and clean stickers. Makes the shelf look nice. Sky Lynx is part of the expanding Encore line - we can't wait to see who else is announced in the future.

Sky Lynx, the Encore edition, is coming for US$89.99 (or B$132). Check out Big Bad Toy Store for your purchasing pleasure.