Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Wave Of Joes

[The Fourth Wave: not too shaddy]
Written by GL

Good day to everyone. It's sure nice to be back here in the relaxing abode of peace. Kuala Lumpur was a totally mad-house; the cars, the noise, the music, not to mention the pimps and massage parlor pushers everywhere. It was a real city of shysters and con-men. But also of a lot of action figures. But let's not stray.

The toy business has boomed while Kal-El and I were away.

The fourth wave of G. I. Joes has been announced and is ready for pre-order. Which means to say, you have officially missed three waves of these amazing 25th Anniversary super-articulated buddies. Once again: if you're looking for modern action figures that so symbolize the goodness of the toys of retro-years, then this is the collection you're probably looking for.

Wave four is set to include; yet another Cobra Commander, an Air Trooper, Roadblock, Gung-Ho, Scarlett, Destro, Duke and Storm Shadow (also yet another). I agree that there are quite a few repeats in this line, but I guess that's just how manufacturers make their big bucks.

This new case of figures contains those 8 characters (previously only available as part of the 5-pack sets). You'll get these figures in vintage style single card packaging too. Expect to pay US$47.99 (or B$71) and expect to wait just until December 2007 for their arrival. Get them at Big Bad Toy Store.