Sunday, September 9, 2007

Warped Masterpiece

[Another MP Piece: the world has gone retro]
Written by GL

In the fine tradition of Transformer Masterpiece collectibles comes another great (and pricey) edition you'd probably like to own.

Straight from Takara (with Japanese packaging and all) the MP-06 Masterpiece Skywarp is a repainted version of the MP-03 Masterpiece Starscream’s - of the F-15 Eagle design. Skywarp , however, features real vivid colors - purple and black with a little silver and grey. This Masterpiece selection also features a two different face sculpts: a bland faced Skywarp and a snarling Skywarp.

Skywarp, like Starscream, will include a missile-rack display stand usable with both jet and robot modes. The mold is a mixture of die-cast and plastic, meaning a total range of articulation. It might even be said that this Skywarp figure may even be a sight better than the Starscream one.

The Masterpiece series was one of Takara's most successful modern re-issues of true Generation I Transformers. You gotta love 'em because they bring back the retro into such a new and clean image.

The MP-06 Masterpiece Skywarp is available now at Big Bad Toy Store for US$100 (or B$150). I said it was cool, but I never said it was cheap.