Sunday, September 9, 2007

Poll Results: Which Cartoon Had The Coolest Theme Song?

[Jem: too bad real women ain't that colorful]
Written by GL

You guys know how much I dig retro theme songs. Well, just in case you didn't; I really dig retro theme songs. And it seems that theme songs are hard to debate, even up until today.

Jem and Thundercats both got votes, but in the lead are the Smurfs and M.A.S.K., with two votes each. In all honesty, there are very few Bruneians out there right now who do not know the Smurfs song. It's a classic, it's simple and it's been around for almost as long as 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson. On the other hand, M.A.S.K. just plain out rocks (to me, anyway).

Theme songs were what made cartoons memorable. And cartoons were supported would have been supported by the characters. Enjoy the week, super-friends.