Monday, September 3, 2007

Defender Of Hollywood

[Voltron: that's right; the Voltron]
Written by GL

Can you believe they're actually making this movie?! The times are changing at lightening speed and there's no time for the retro-classic stuff than today. Yet, it seems a little weird that everyone in Hollywood seems to be going back to re-tell the stories of old. But, I guess, no-one's complaining.

So, here's the latest update on the progress of our favorite giant bot made of metal lions:

Back in July 2005, producer Mark Gordon announced a collaboration with Pharrell Williams (that's right; from the Neptunes) as well as Mark Costa and Frank Oelman to make a live-action film adaptation of Voltron. Pharrell Williams (that's right; that guy in that Snoop Dogg song) was also rumoured to be doing the score for the film. The movie's development money is reportedly coming from a company called Animus Films.

End of last year, Justin Marks, the official screenwriter for the film, was announced to have a complete script ready and waiting.

And that brings us to August 2007: The production company called New Regency (famous for Mr. & Mrs. Smith) went into negotiations with Mark Gordon and his company to fully adapt Voltron. Of course, Voltron couldn't have happened in Transformers didn't blow up the box office. Justin Marks's script was described as a post-apocalyptic tale (like Akira style) set in New York City and Mexico where five survivors of an alien attack join forces and end up piloting those awesome five lion-robots - they, of course, combine to form the massive sword-wielding, butt-kicking, alien-munching Voltron. I like it.