Monday, September 3, 2007

From The Farthest Reaches Of Space

[Opening Title: does the narrator voice sound familiar?]
Written by GL

Now here is a total gem of a intro cartoon. And watching it has brought back so many awesome memories. You might even say it got me a little teary eyed.

Voltron (the very first, and probably the most well-remembered, version) first aired in Amercia in 1984 and featured to kids the true coolness of Japanese animation and it's profitability when translated for us dumb, only-English speaking audiences. Another thing to note, when translation of the cartoon was going through, American broadcasting services were forced to cut out scene of explicit torture, dead bodies and over all death from the original Japanese version (jeez, those guys are on a way other level)

You know what else made Voltron cool? I'll tell you. Peter Cullen voices several characters in it and his voice is totally inspirational - still sounding all about the Prime. Watch and reminisce, all you retro fans out there. Hope this brightens your day, faithful readers.