Sunday, July 22, 2007

Poll Results: Which Was The Coolest Cartoon Sidekick?

Written by GL

Awww! Look how happy you voter made the little guy. Slimer came out on tops for being the coolest cartoon sidekick out of that short list. Mind you, there are hundreds of sidekicks out there from out of the 80s and this poll choice list barely even covers it.

Slimer, possibly the ugliest, least hygienic, least house-broken sidekick can be aptly remembered from his appearances in the Ghostbusters movies, toy lines and cartoon series. No doubt, he's had a lot of exposure. Yet, we could also argue the same for the rest of the sidekicks on that list. However, a little bit behind is T-Bob, of M.A.S.K. fame.

T-Bob was cool because he could take you places on short notice.

In any case, thanks for your involvement, good people. And keep an ear to the ground for the newest news on anything retro-style.