Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reversioning Retro

[Thunder Is Coming: with a red 'fro]
Written by GL

Everyone knows by now that the 2007 Transformers movie destroyed everything we know about traditional movie-making and rekindled our love for all things with retro classic articulation. On top of all that, that new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CG rendered show can also be cited as contributing to this nostalgic pop culture wave. So what's next in the line-up for fans of the 'back-in-the-day' era?

Well, a good hint is that heading image shown above. Warner Bros (that has the property rights to the ThunderCats) has a script singled out, written by a fella named Paul Socopy, to be co-produced by Spring Creek Productions (the same production company that did Blood Diamonds and Analyze This). The confirmed word on the street is that Lion-O and this cat bunch will not be life-action, but in CG instead. That's good and bad, I guess.

[Mark Gordon: awesome smile]

Next up on the movie news is Voltron. Producer Mark Gordon (known for work on The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Saving Private Ryan and Grey's Anatomy) has been announced for this should-be-cool movie adaptation of massive metal lions. The script is out - written by Justin Marks.

[Joel Silver: awesome stare]

Justin Marks is also the creative mind in charge of another big favourite: He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. The script is in the works for this one. Warner Bros and Joel Silver (who directed every Matrix movie ever made and V For Vendetta and the coming-soon Wonder Woman movie) are sitting down with action figure makers, Mattel, to discuss acquiring rights for the movie. The film is said to be live-action with a plot line that does not totally follow He-Man's original origins tale - He-Man is a soldier who stumbles upon a kingdom called Eternia, that is under siege by a bad-boy called Skeletor.

[Lorenzo Di Bonaventura: awesome last name]

Last in the hot development news is G. I. Joe in movie form. Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (famous for bringing Transformers to the big screen, and his the scheduled producer for Transformers 2) is teaming up with Paramount to create a script for this retro action cartoon. Action Man is rumored to make an appearance in this script. 'Really?' you say? Yea. Action Man is not cool.

Alright, super-friends, that's as far as the movie updates go on your favorite retro shows. Keep your ears to the ground and let me know if you hear anything.