Thursday, June 14, 2007

Remember The Rock Lords

Written by GL

Really random surfing is what I do. From time to time, as a result of this worthless past-time, I manage to dig up really obscure stuff. One of the most amazing, and coincidental, things I've found by random surfing is how much old memories may find. One of those really random memories was of the Rock Lords.

Not many have heard of these collectible fellas, and I guarantee, especially for those who've never seen or heard of the Rock Lords, will be totally surprised that such retro action figures ever existed - but here's the thing, I had them as well!

[The Bandai Imports: are they rocks or droppings?]

Rock Lords were a spin-off toy line from (none other than) the Go-bots after the movie GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords. They were manufactured by Tonka in 1986 and were transforming rocks that came with weapons such as axes, guns and swords. There were also vehicles for the Rock Lords to drive in battle. Like other transforming toys, there were the good guys (led by Boulder) and bad guys (led by Magmar).

[The Leaders: Boulder & Magmar]

The tagline associated with these toys was "Powerful living rocks!". Which is straight-forward and direct - because that's exactly what they are.

Rock Lords wasn't a successful toy line and the cartoon only lasted three seasons. There were even some unreleased Rock Lords toys such as The Stone Head Playset and Crackpot in meteorite colors. Shame really.

Who would have thought that robots that turn into rock might even make a little bit of cash. I guess, back in the day, it was the gimmicks that kept character alive. Nonetheless, even if the Rock Lords may be some of the most grotesque action figures ever made (next to that made in China stuff they sell around Brunei), they'll forever be, to me, stuff I had growing up.