Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Rogues Gallery Of The Silverhawks

[Silverhawk villains: evil and awesome]
Written by GL

Hopefully some of us still remember the Silverhawks, the coolest intergalactic police squad there has ever been. No one ever doubted the sheer quality of the Silverhawks figures, but let's not leave behind the memory of those dastardly evil-doers that made up the villains. After all, what's a hero without his enemies.

Release by Kenner in 1987, the Silverhawks action figure line only lasted for two waves (shame, really) - the debut in 1987, and the second wave in 1988. Featured above are the rogues gallery of the very first Silverhawks wave (which, incidentally, I had) including their companion bird.

[Airshock articulation: loved the creativity of it all]

But take note, the line is totally missing Windhammer, and no one seems to know why. The villains of series one feature (from left to right):

MonStar with Sky-Shadow
Mo-Lec-U-Lar with Volt-ure
Mumbo-Jumbo with Airshock
Buzz-Saw with Shredator

Looking back on it all just leaves me with a totally warm feeling inside. To think I let all those awesome action figures just slip by. The lesson of today is: teach your children to look after their stuff, because one day, they just may want that stuff back.