Thursday, June 14, 2007

Centurion Special: Rugged Land Operations

[ Jake Rockwell : Rugged Land Operation Specialist]
Written By Kal-El

My Apologies for the delay, so here’s the second of third Centurion Special, A few days earlier, my first post is on Centurion Air, Ace McCloud, but today, I’ll be talking about a ground hog Centurion, A Rugged Land Specialist – Jake Rockwell.

Jake Rockwell is my personal second favorite Centurion, especially when he has that amazing Wild Weasel on him; I have got to admit the Wild Weasel is the most awesome of all centurion assault weapon system. I liked this one personally due to the fact that when I was young, I grew quite fond of motorcycles, hey I was just a kid back then.

[Fire Force weapon system]

Jake’s combat system by default, you would get Fire force, Fire Force is quite the heavy weapon system, his chest is mounted with a gatling gun and along with a Bazooka on his back power pack, once you get the Jake’s Action figure, but alternatively, Kenner toys added additional accessories to the amazing Centurions toyline by selling separate assault weapon systems.

[ Wild Weasel : Turns Jake into a Motorcycle assault vehicle]

Wild Weasel weapon systems effectively transforms Jake into a motorcycle, this is so amazing, he could totally maneuver this weapon system well considering it’s heavy weight, another transformation of it, Jake would ride by sitting on it instead of bending down like a cycle skeleton. Awesome feature.

[The Detonator]

And then you have the Detonator, Range finder, sonic ray gun, pulsating freeze ray blasters, two modular spicer missiles, long range stabilisers, power backpack and sonic screen. A more heavy artillery for Jake’s perusal to clobber down Doc Terror’s minion.

[Jake on Swingshot]

Swingshot, Not quite often used, but you’ll bound to see these in a few episodes, Swingshot consists of Two rotothreads, rotating threads mill arms, two armoured mega blaster, howitzer, rotating infrascope two sets trajectoid missiles. To be honest with you, I didn’t even see this accessories sold in Brunei at that time.

[Look’s Awesome for an Auger]

Jake’s got a lot of weapon system come to think about it, next up we are looking at Awesome Auger, it’s a Rotating auger, rotating sonar shredder, pulsating tectonic blasters and spiked wheel threads. Basically, it’s the second fasting moving assault weapon vehicle for Jake, next to the Wild Weasel. He looks like a miniature tank on an all terrain vehicle, but with Missiles onboard of course.

[Hornet Assault Weapon Systems]

Funnily enough, Jake not only works on land operation, sometimes he calls Crystal Kane on for the Hornet, as he is able to provide help support to a fellow Centurion Ace McCloud on aerial attacks, but not as acrobatic of course, Jake’s Hornet has a Tracking scope, two landing skids, four sidewinder missiles, two target sensors, two sonic thrusters, rotating freeze cannon, laser gun, rotating prop and canopy.

[ Jake Rockwell by Kenner 1986/1987 ]

In conclusion, Mr. Rockwell is a true result of a Centurion; he doesn’t flirt around or goof around like a person we know. But lets not put out names now, as Rugged Land Specialist, he also has a companion, man’s best friend, Shadow, his loving and loyal dog of Jake Rockwell. There you go guys, we managed to cover Jake Rockwell, So do check up with Classic Articulation, as we go into the final Centurion Special next, Mr. Max Ray, and Brilliant Sea Operations Commander. Power Xtreme!!!