Friday, June 22, 2007

The First He-Man

[The Line-up: miss you guys]
Written by GL

In 1983, the very first He-Man cartoon appeared on television. And yet, two years prior, Mattel released their debut wave of the action figures. Since then, childhood has never been the same.

Purely for your viewing pleasure, pictured above is the said first wave of the He-Man action figures (produced in 1981 thru to 1982). Note: missing from the above pic is Skeletor and Mer-man. I'll always remember the squishy, rubbery heads, the rubber-attached legs and the removable armor. Wow, was it cool.

Props to readers who can name all the above figures. For those who need a refresher, they are: He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Teela (love you forever, hunny), Zodac, Stratos and Beast Man. And just for my own bragging rights, I had them all except for Zodac (in fact, can't really remember seeing him in the cartoon).

Gosh! How could I forget (also from this debut wave) the coolest character there is in the whole He-Man universe; the ultimate character, the raddest action figure of 1981:

[Battle-cat: the coolest ride ever]