Friday, June 22, 2007

Be Fast, Be Witterquick

[The Knights: helmets make the man]
Written by GL

If I were ever asked to name one of the Visionaries that I think had the coolest sounding name, I would have to say, good, old Witterquick.

Despite the fact that Visionaries only came with a single name (like Cher, or Madonna), Witterquick was released along side the first and last series of Visionaries action figures. Produced by Hasbro in 1987, the cartoon of the same name was actually based on the action figures first and featured all the produced characters with their animal totems.

[The Cartoon: seems like all the 80's cartoon heroes were blonde]

Who could forget the sheer cool-factor of having been gifted with the totem of an animal with which you share a particular attribute. Witterquick, of course, managed to run his merry way through a gauntlet of falling columns unharmed, and thus it was so that the hologram of the cheetah was emblazoned on his armor.

[Witterquick: superb detail, with accessories to match. I miss this action figure]

However, the armor holograms weren't the only things that made the Visionaries cool - they came with an almost G.I. Joe-ish articulation style (although taller than the Joe figures) with very well detailed features, they had helmets and weapon accessories, they even came with a totem staff with a hologram of their power.

In the case of Witterquick, his package came with a silver boomerang in the shape of an elongated triangular wing, a power staff of Light Speed (his all-powerful buddy - featuring a human head with a pair of greek-style wings on either side), and a red helmet with one opening for his eyes, preferably for seeing stuff.

[Packaging: the price this complete package must cost today *sigh*]

Remember the good, old days when action figures even came with back and front cards for your collecting pleasure? I have no idea why manufacturing companies have been so slack about the little things nowadays. In any case, Witterquick's back card (unfortunately not pictured) displays the below information, for your reading:

WITTERQUICK: A valiant champion of justice with an over-anxious zeal to defeat the Darkling Lords!

MYSTICAL PERSONALITY: Represented by the CHEETAH, representing his fast acting ability to anticipate oncoming Darkling Lord attacks!

MAGICAL TOTEM: Calling upon his power of LIGHT SPEED, Witterquick dodges enemy bombardment faster than lightning through the sky!

LIGHT SPEED: "Sheathe these feet in the driving gale, make swift these legs, o'er land I sail!"

Awesome stuff - the amazing adjectives coupled together with a child-like imagination - and you've got the ultimate packaging. The Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light cartoon only lasted 13 episodes, and although it didn't draw much attention, the title's action figures more than made up for that.

So remember, if you ever get that tummy-ache from too much masala and lassi, you better be fast - in fact, you better be Witterquick.