Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Stargazer

[Stargazer: the only man who could kick Silverhawk butt]
Written by GL

In the distant future, the Limbo galaxy is under threat from a vicious evil force, and only one man has the power to defend it. One man, partly metal, partly real. A man made of nails of steel with skin of polished gold. That man's name is Commander Stargazer.

Being one of the first characters to appear in the pilot of Silverhawks, Stargazer, with his guttural voice and Professor Xavier-like appearance, brings back a lot of memories; not only about the cartoons I used to watch, but man as an action figure as well.

He is in charge of the Silverhawk base of operation, Hawk Haven.

Commander Stargazer is a tough old cop with bionic capabilities. He captured MonStar several years ago, and had him imprisoned - however, due to his emergency call, after MonStar's escape, does the Interplanetary Control Force create and release the galaxy's shiniest police force, the Silverhawks. Older than the other Silverhawks, and longing to return to Earth for either a vacation or retirement (although he constantly mentions it, he never does return), he chiefly serves as the Silverhawks' eyes and ears, keeping them aware of their current situation and never too afraid to counter with a lecture.

As an action figure, Stargazer was one of the most detailed (issued with companion bird, Sly-bird).

[Kenner toys: check out the detail and the shine]

I had Stargazer as part of my Silverhawks collection as well. And, just by looking at him, you could understand how, back in the day, action figures were action figures. The points of articulation are fairly straight-forward, but the attention to similarity with the cartoon drawings is pretty amazing for its time.

Stargazer was part of the first series of Silverhawk action figures, released by Kenner in 1984, which consisted of mainly the good guys. No Silverhawk collection would be complete without good old Stargazer.