Thursday, June 21, 2007

Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated

[Simpur's Blogging Nation: proud to be featured]
Written by GL

We are proud to announce that The House Of El and Classic Articulation are now listed with Simpur's Blogging Nation site. Additionally, we are also proud to mention that Classic Articulation has been featured as this week's featured blog.

In fact, Kal-El and I are as pleased as picnic punch about this and we're always hoping that there are fans around Brunei with the same love of action figures and superheroes, old and new, out there.

Don't forget, for anything on the newest and up-to-date action figures and hero news, hit up The House Of El - also maintained by us - at:

Since our own personal lives are no different from yours, dear readers - 8 to 5, waiting for pay day, getting caught in traffic, hanging out, going DVD hunting, etc., etc. - we thought we'd go all out for our passion by writing up a little bit about what we're crazy about. But, we're always ready to hear about what you have to say and what information you may have - so, don't be afraid to leave a tag message.

A big thanks to the webmaster of Simpur for being so accommodating. Check out other Bruneians living outside their normal lives by blog at:

Insanity is a lot cooler when you share. From your secret buddies, Kal-El and GL