Monday, June 28, 2010

The Revival

[Ya heard?!]

Whew ! The number of ups and downs Kal-El and myself had to go through to get to this point, it's amazing that we didn't just pack up our blogs and head on our merry way to senior citizenry. I guess our sheer egos and stubbornness would not allow us to kill a good thing.

Up to this point, we hope you've still been enjoying our blogs: Classic Articulation and The House Of El, as much as we've enjoyed bringing them to you. I don't think we're ready to give up on these just and personal obligations seemed to have gotten in the way of us keeping regular in our updating - hopefully, the 2010 is the period when we can find a balance for that.

But just so you know, kind Bruneian friends, Classic Articulation and The House Of El, although not regularly updated will not be shutting down. We're dedicated to keeping the hype going for as long as possible and in so much as we have time to keep you updated.

Thanks for sticking by us for so long in our long silences and lack of updates !