Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Realistic Ghostbusters

[Egon Spengler: comes with a peeing Slimer in 6"]

The enterprise that was the Ghostbusters, much like those annoying little entities that they are forced to deal with in each episode / movie on a regular basis, never really did die. That is more than evident today.

With the release of the high-definition Ghostbusters game of 2009 on multiple platform consoles, action figure manufacturers are planning to use that momentum to carry their business forward on the backs (read: wallets) of retro fans; an opportunistic pattern that we commonly see here in the action figure promotion medium.

So, without further delay, Classic Articulation would like to showcase Mattel's hot new line of Ghostbuster figure - that range from the common 6" to the almost DC Deluxe-styled 12" size. Note, however, that we still have not sighted a Peter Zenkman figure but, rest assured, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore have been sculpted and released into the market.

Obviously, to be logical to the price you would fork out the two difference sizes, strict differences will exist as well. The 6" almost appears like your run-of-the-mill Movie Masters line with stiff and angled points of articulation. Accessories associated with the 6" models are also limited.

The 12" - now that's a whole new ball-game: faces are sculpted to almost actor-ish likenesses, the uniforms are cloth to touch, down to the boots, and they come packed up to the barrel with accessories. For example, the 12" Egon Spengler will feature a walkie-talkie, ghost trap, PKE meter and a light-up proton pack. Also an extra set of gloved hands.

Which ever way you wish to live out your dream of owning the Ghostbusters again, I am sure that the only people you are gonna call (who you gon call?) is your credit card issuing company.

6" figures will average out around USD35 (or approx. BND45) and 12" figures will be going for USD90 (or approx. BND117).