Sunday, January 11, 2009

Raw !

[The Hart Foundation: pink is the new black]
Written by GL

I'm pretty sure I'm going to draw some criticism from Kal-el on this one but I thought: why not, just for a little fun. Either way, wasn't that was the 80's were all about, just a little fun.

Let's talk about wrestling. It was the bomb back then - full stop.

It was all about the plots and subplots, characters, attitudes, moves, tights and freakin' awesome theme music. And I loved wrestling back then; friends would try to tell me it was all fake lights and fire-works - if I had a shovel then, I would have taken a swift blow to their solar plexus' and follow it on with a good DDT.

Now the fine folks at Jakks Pacific have, after a long line of wrestling figures, have decided to release some retro team exclusive two-packs. Features above are the awesome duo that made up The Hart Foundation, one of retro wrestling's most predominant families.

This two-pack features Bret 'Hitman' Hart and Jim 'the Anvil' Neidhart from Wrestlemania 7. Both figures come with removable jackets. Body oil and hair grease not included. Set to arrive next month (February), this exclusive two-pack is going for about USD35 (or just under BND50).

Celebrate your love of wrestling by either treating yourself to this exclusive team figure set or grabbing the nearest person to you now and busting out a Sharpshooter.