Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cassette Set

[Cassette Set: old school miniatures]
Written by GL

Takara has not stopped with their Encore series - as long as there are thankful collectors out there, the reissues are going to just keep coming and coming. It has reached the extent that Takara has started reissuing (in their Encore series) the above pictured cassette set.

It goes perfect with any true Soundwave figure and is totally reminiscent of the old-good days. In fact, I even remember having Ravage at one point.

This Encore cassette set features Eject, Rewind, Ravage and Laserbeak (suprisingly only one Autobot in the lot) and is due for release to stores by March 2009. Found at any good online buying and selling website, this pack will set you pack about USD50 (or about BND70); thus it is only for the serious collector.