Monday, July 7, 2008

The Pal You Need To Have

[Bumblebee: thumbs up all the way]
Written by GL

No Autobot touches the human non-mechanical heart the way that Bumblebee does. We just love him to bits - especially when he now comes in the cutest 4" size.

Manufactured by Palisades, the 4" Bumblebee Mini Statue is limited to only 1000 pieces. He’s set in scale with the other Transformers statues from the same line (best watch out for it). Posed atop an Autobot emblem base, Bumblebee is true to the G1 character accuracy with a slight adjustments of the exposed mechanics. Still, Bumblebee’s features are almost childlike, his expression warm and cuddly - if a cold cast statues can even be considered cuddly.

Perfect for any office or home work area; place it there and let your co-workers look on in love and envy. Serve's em right.

The 4" Bumblebee Mini Statue is currently in stock at all good online action figure re-sellers and is going for about US$49.99 (or B$67).