Monday, July 7, 2008

Ball Hunting

[Dragonball: he's only got one]
Written by GL

Alright, alright. All the toilet humor aside - and in support for all our retro anime fans out there - the Dragonball movie is on the way out, as you all well know.

In fact, the posters can be found in cinemas around the Sultanate (most prominently in the Empire Cinema), so the hype surrounding the movie is slowly leaking out. No continents are more in anticipation for this feature film than the South East Asian ones. And if you do enough sourcing around the net you find leaked images of the film.

All dedicated fans should pay a visit to the official Dragonball website. You know you want to; you just want to have a look at how it's starting to look like, even if you aren't really a fan. Believe me. I'm there.

In any case, we all have to admit that the Dragonball franchise is totally retro: the first anime episode aired on Fuji Television in 1986. And since then, the merchandise, the games and all other episodes seemed to stream non-stop.

Let's keep an eye on this one. Chances of the show being a total flop? Too early to tell.