Sunday, December 9, 2007

Screamin Masterpiece

[Starscream: totally awesome]
Written by GL

I promise you all that this will be the last Transformers purchasing piece that I'm writing for this week.

But, you've just gotta love those Masterpieces. Why? Because their build and painted with such detail and care that you just can't bear to be without one. While Takara still has the lead on Masterpieces in the market, the Hasbro company has decided to join in the fair with their own packaging and release.

The Masterpiece G1 Starscream is all about the flair - accurate to the cartoon model, with equipment and accessories in all the right places, with a paint finish that is almost too good to be true, and a pedestal as well. This is a hard figure for the G1 fan to miss out on.

Starscream is currently in stock at Big Bad Toy Store and going for US$94.99 (B$138). Masterpiece collectors must have this.