Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Hornet's Nest

[The Green Hornet & Kato: or Hiro Nakamura who went back in time to do old skool TV]
Written by GL

MTV movie hype has reported that The Green Hornet adaptation is going on it's way.

You all remember The Green Hornet right? A rich playboy with a secret hideout right under this righteous pad, where is fights crime behind the guise of a mask with his faithful sidekick at his side. Wait, doesn't that sound familiar.

Nevertheless, The Green Hornet show was just about as retro as you can get - it was a show that many Bruneians may not have been able to appreciate for it was never really aired on national television.

[Seth Rogen: familiar?]

Many may recognize Seth Rogen for his directorship in 40-Year Old Virgin. Well, now his planning to remake The Green Hornet.

Seth Rogen is hitting up Sony for this planned show. In an interview, he said 'there's a more comedic version and less comedic version,' in terms of the plot for the movie, and they're (Sony) not sure what will be the right one yet.

'Just a few weeks ago, we laid out our outline for the movie to the studio, and before the phone call, we were like, 'This is not like any superhero movie — they might just hate that,' Rogen highlights that, 'It's not using any of the normal superhero movie formats. It's not an origin story. It's more like a regular action movie.' They really liked it and told us to go for it'.

So, ladies and gentlemen, a new hero action movie is on the way.