Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poll Results: If I Had My Own KITT Car, I Would...?

Written by GL

I refuse to show the bottom half of that picture, purely due to the fact that this is a family-style blog and the display of chest-hair and popping pecs and ads is something us comic-fans find totally demeaning and devastating to our ego. That, and it's just not cool to see.

In any case, a big thanks to voters this time around. You guys just crack me up.

Nice to know that one voter is actually willing to show off his/her gains by parading through Gadong - no shame there. Another voter even feels he/she has the toughness to left home and spend the rest of their life in their own KITT, crusing the highways, searching for adventure.

But the rest of you out there decided to hit up a huge afro, just to go with your bangin' car - more power to the people. Remember, an afro a day attracts kutu that'll stay.