Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cowabunga Dudes!

[The Original Turtle Blimp Mark I]
Written by Kal-El

'Do you remember this?' or my question should be 'did you ever have this?', The answer is YES!!

The Turtle blimp was truly an amazing classic vehicles - i remembered because when i had this blimp, it cost me $45 bucks to get it at the old Hua Ho in Gadong (1st Hua Ho). It was first seen in the cartoon series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then came out their advert on Brunei Television. Man, I was sold.

[Here's Donny]

As you can see, the Turtle Blimp could carry a few numbers of the turtles, as it was invented by their own turtle engineering (Donatello), the Turtles were able to crash a party (Ninja Thieves) straight from above. Crushing the Foot Clan with a reckless abandon. And of course leaving the Shred-Dude crying and whining like a baby.

[Apparently they had a different version of the Blimp]

However, when i had the Turtle Blimp, i recall that you have to blow it up, and there's a handle for you to carry it around. But sad thing is that, it could easily be punctured if your not careful like we were when we were kids. Shame tho, but i loved it so much that i even had to use a finger plaster to put over the punctured hole on the Blimp. I guess what's left of it was just memories now.

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