Monday, July 9, 2007

Poll Results: Which Was Possibly The Hottest Retro Female Character Ever?

Written by GL

Alright. That's how it shapes up for the readers willing enough to state their opinions. Cheetara comes out on top with She-ra and Crystal Kane sharing the runner's-up place - a good, good selection.

Cheetara probably holds the top spot purely based on that skimpy thing that she is forced to run around in in the cartoons. She-ra, of course, rocks the mini-skirt look (plus that with those killer legs of her's). And, Crystal Kane is made up of just plain, straight-forward femininity. It's a tough poll; glad y'all were brave enough to give your opinion, all you naughty boys out there.

Thanks to all those who voted this time around. Enjoy your day, people. And lay off the mental fantasies.