Monday, July 9, 2007

The Evil Top Ten

[Gargamel Of The Smurfs: shoot him on sight]
Written by GL

Let's face it - there are always going to be villains. If there weren't how in the world would we be able to tell the goodies from everyone else. And in all honesty, the heroes can't make the show all on their own; half the story-lines stem from the character of the villain.

The 80's were a great time for villains - from G.I. Joe all the way to the Thundercats. If a retro cartoon didn't have an awesome villain with at least one minion he (or she) could kick around, and about an infinite number of soldiers, then that cartoon probably wasn't worth a watch.

If you asked me who my favorite villain was, I probably couldn't answer you straight away. There were probably a hundred that I would have to narrow down just to be able to make my mind up.

I was doing a little random surfing (like how I usually do to prove that I don't have much of a life) and discovered the Top Eleven 80's Cartoon Villains list on Underground Online (UGO). This list was contributed by a guy named Mike Caracappa, from X-Entertainment. Have a look what he considers his top villains:

11. Doc Terror (The Centurions)
10. Serpentor (G.I. Joe)

9. Dr. Claw (Inspector Gadget)
8. Hordak (She-Ra)

7. Saw Boss (Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors)

6. Gargamel (The Smurfs)

5. Metlar (The Inhumanoids)

4. Mumm-Ra (Thundercats)

3. Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)

2. Skeletor (He-Man)

1. Megatron (The Transformers)

Interesting if I do say so myself. He's even got references to The Inhumanoids (a cartoon that I've been wanting to research more into myself). Of course, the choice of Megatron as the top dog baddie may be debatable.

The greatest thing about this list is that it brought up Saw Boss from Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors: do any of you remember this show at all ? I just saw an image of Saw Boss and it brought back total memories (check it out below)!

[Saw Boss: I had this! I remember this toy line!]

For those of you who want to get in-depth into the the list posted up by UGO, head to:

Underground Online: 80's Toon Villains