Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Truly Outrageous

Written by GL

Ok, before you guys start rolling your eyes; understand that we here at Classic Articulation and The House Of El are totally for equal opportunity. It is a constitutional right in almost every free world nation that the preferences of both sexes (even those in-between) be represented. Thus, in saying so, check out the Jem opening.

As much as I hate to put my non-existent reputation on the line, the theme is totally catchy and the opening animation is vibrant and (ugh!) pink - rejoice you metro-sexuals out there.

Here's a little 'did-you-know' for information buffs: the entire collection of Jem and the Holograms figures as well as the 65 episodes that ran on television were all written and creatively directed by teams that created G. I. Joe. Knowledge is power in pink.

Say it loud and say it proud: 'Jem is my name. No one else is the same'.