Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Evil Leader of The Renegades

[Cy-Kill, Leader of the Renegades]
Written by Kal-El

Remember Cy-Kill? Oh I know I had this toy when I was 7 years old. Those were the day’s way before I had Transformers. For me the Gobots was an awesome cartoon; imagine a 7 year old, seeing a bike transforming itself into a robot, which was cool back then because we have never seen anything like it…Amazing. For today we drive our focus on a particular Gobot, the evil leader of the Renegades, Cy-Kill.

In the animated series Challenge of the GoBots, Cy-Kill was the leader of the evil Renegades. He was originally a member of the Guardians and friend of Leader-1. He wanted to be the sole ruler of Gobotron to better protect it (since he felt he was the mightiest guardian), but Leader-1 believed in democracy. This led Cy-Kill to break away from the Guardians and become the leader of the Renegades.

He sought to conquer the Gobot homeworld and have all the power for himself. He was very ruthless and a thorn in the side of the Guardians. The Guardians were able to eventually capture him. Unfortunately he used his wheels against the guards to aid his escape, causing the release of Fitor (also a former guardian). Because of Fitor's aid, Cy-Kill was able to escape and become a threat to the galaxy again.

[Cy-Kill converts into a killer motorbike]

The toy of Cy-Kill was originally Bandai's Bike Robo from their Machine Robo toyline. Bike Robo was a heroic character in red, white, and blue colors. Tonka, however, decided to make this character a villain. The Tonka version was originally released in the red, white, and blue, but later versions were changed to a more 'evil' black and green color scheme. The animated version, however, had already been drawn in the original colors and so he stayed that way on TV. A larger 'Super GoBot' Cy-Kill was later released.

[Cy-Kill, Tonka Toys 1984]

The articulation on Cy-Kill was pretty straight forward and less complicated; two wheels of the bike mode are detachable and will be placed on his shoulders in robot mode. Was he cool or what? Did I forget to mention that they were made in die-cast body shell? Have a good time reminiscing what you had back in the 80’s. Look out for more Gobots figures to come. Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles!