Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Greyskull On DVD

[Cover to Cover: An awesome collection]
Written by GL

Believe it or not, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe only aired in the 1980's for two seasons. That isn't a long period of time. But, it seems as if the cartoon has been with me for almost my entire life. I never forgot Adam, nor Cringer, nor Teela, nor Man-at-Arms - I remember all of them. And in some way or another, He-Man had an impact on everyone's childhood.

It's kinda nice to know that some companies out there are actually paying attention to the whole nostalgia trend - because not every re-vamp turns out looking good. It's reassuring that there are others out there that would like to get back to the roots of comic and cartoon heroism.

I must apologize for that fact that this blog entry is actually late, by at least two years. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe has been out since 2005, produced by Brentwood Home Videos. In the four box-sets, you'll find a ton of episodes, documentaries, commentaries and much more goodies - so it's not just a simple DVD set with the show copied and pasted on.

Amazon is tempting you (and me) to get Season One and Season Two for US$58.98 or B$90 (or, if you just want one, that'll be US$29.99 or just under B$50)

What I like the most about the whole idea is that this isn't purely for the collectors out there; it's for anyone, anyone at all who loved the 80's. This show was a total landmark.