Monday, June 4, 2007

Centurion Special: Ace McCloud

[Ace McCloud, Daring Air Operations expert]
Written By Kal-El

"In the near future, Doc Terror, and his cyborg companion, Hacker, unleash their forces to conquer earth.Only one force can stop this evil: a handful of brave men; in specially created exoframes they can be transported anywhere to fuse with incredible assault weapon systems, beamed down from the space station Skyvault, becoming man and machine... Power Xtreme! Max Ray, brilliant Sea Operations commander...Jake Rockwell, rugged Land Operations specialist...Ace McCloud, daring Air Operations expert...Whatever the challenge, they are ready: THE CENTURIONS!!! "

Oh I had these for sure; He was my favorite character when I was 7 years old, He was what they called, Daring Air Operations Expert, He was called Ace McCloud. He was a Centurion. Power Xtreme!!

This blog entry is part 1 out of 3 Centurions, this one was of my highlights of my early childhood days, I loved the cartoons that came with it, I know, i might sound like i have no life, but all i could say that i gained is my childhood memories, I had to admit that the cartoon was a good marketing strategy, and that the Toyline by Kenner was extremely awesome.

The Centurions is a 30 minute animated television series produced by Ruby-Spears and animated in Japan by Sunrise. Comics legends Jack Kirby and Gil Kane contributed to the design and concepts of the show. The series began in 1985 as a five-part miniseries and was followed in 1986/87 with a 60 episode series. There is also a line of tie-in toys made by Kenner and a comic produced by DC Comics.

[ Ace McCloud On Sky Knight ]

Ace McCloud, A Government Operative, Identify as a Centurion with High Tech Armory, Affiliated with other Centurions, Max Ray and Jake Rockwell, Love interest, Crystal Kane. McCloud and the Centurions are based at The Centrum, an Underground bunker in New York City.

Each of the Centurions is specialized for a particular domain, originally land, sea or air/space. They all have multiple weapon systems that can be 'charged' to their exo-frames. As evidenced in the five-part Man or Machine series of episodes, the exo-frames also serve as strength-amplifying exoskeletons. This explains how the Centurions can carry the full weight of their weapon systems without any apparent discomfort.

All of Ace’s Assault weapons systems utilizes flight and air control capabilities, His standard system is called Sky knight when you purchased the Action Figure, This consists of a Jet Pack, armed with Guided missiles and a chest bomb ready to blow Terror’s Flight drone to bits and pieces, Sky knight gives him maximum maneuverability with reasonable firepower.

[ Ace using SkyBolt for heavier artillery attacks]

When in need of more firepower to tackled Doc Terror’s attack, Ace calls upon a more suitable firepower to his advantage, For increased combat efficiency at the expense of speed, he uses a different assault weapon system, called Sky bolt, which is far more heavier weapons.

[ Orbital Interceptor goes for Deep Space Aerial Assault ]

In conjunction to this, Ace also flies out to Space, if needed, he calls upon another weapon system, The Orbital Interceptor, Which is designed for use outside an atmosphere, but funnily enough, in the cartoon series, Ace uses Orbital Interceptor in deep sea to rescue Max once. Apparently, Orbital Interceptor could withstand the deep water pressure. Thanks to the bulky head gear.

It only hit me, that after watching Centurions again, now at this age, Ace McCloud is still Cocky, Arrogant, Flirty, Centurion. But for a “Fly Boy” ( Often Referred by Jake Rockwell) he sure is having a hard time trying to slip his way in with Crystal Kane, However, Crystal Kane often resists Ace's advances either firmly or jokingly, but sometimes demonstrates she has affection and love for him. The two finally kiss at the conclusion of the two part story "The Better Half". Good one McCloud!

[ Centurions : Ace McCloud by Kenner 1985 to 1987 ]

So for those who still have Ace McCloud as an Action Figure, Whether it’s loose or still in the Package, Do keep them in a nice storage area. Or if your thinking of selling them, shoot me an email , coz I’m buying it if anyone is willing to let them go. Power X’Treme!! Stay tune for more, Next up on Classic Articulation Centurions Special: Jake Rockwell: Rugged Land Operation Specialist.