Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Retro Cartoons Love Me

Say what you want about the 80's and early 90's - cartoons were better. In this Ben 10, CGI'ed animation world, kids and kid-like adults are starved for good cartoons. While I would agree that being action packed with colorful graphics and superpowers is important, those things are just a little bit about what's lacking in animated series' today.

Growing up in Brunei; we were up to date with shows and cartoons never featured continuity one episode to the next - by right, we didn't care. We got on our addiction where ever and whenever we could get it. And it was usually found on cassette tapes without digital, high-definition glory - just straight up VHS.

It was those VHS tapes filled with broken single episodes of a variety of cartoon that got me through my childhood. Bless my mother for recording them for me. I hope I'm right to assume that a lot adults today were raised the same way. It was because of this probably why myself and my circle of close geek retro buddies never could reminisce about just one single show; we could always burst into conversation about a varied number of cartoons we remember.

Thinking of those conversations about reminiscing is what drove me to write today's blog.

My own personal list of well-loved cartoons could probably be related to by a large number of retro loving Bruneians out there too. We all watched the same shows and loved the same characters and remember the same plot lines. In no particular order:

i) He-Man and The Masters of The Universe
Always did right, no matter what. Lived in an Eternia with no fatties. Always won no matter what. Couldn't tell you who the hell the Masters of the Universe were because if he could, you know he could probably kick their asses too.

ii) Thundercats
Unforgettable logo. Coolest villains that almost all were represented in action figures. Coolest power chant - just as cool as above. Made you want to be lithe like a cat and wish your girlfriend was Cheetara.

iii) Silverhawks
Thundercats but in space. Awesome theme song with the coolest outfits. Coolest motto - "partly metal, partly real". No household pet could beat a full sized plastic Tallyhawk. The Mirage plane could rival the Thunder-Tank on pure bad-assness.

iv) Transformers
Coolest theme song coupled with the largest number of characters of any universe. Coolest leader ever, who had the saddest death scene. Best cartoon to translate into a movie. Made you wish you could transform into anything (even a Kijang even) just to roll with the Autobots.

My personal favourite opening theme song. Made you wish your car could fly. Ass-kicking toys and play-sets.

vi) The Real Ghostbusters
'Who you gonna call?' is no longer just a meaningless question, thanks to this cartoon. Made ghost funny and seemingly manageable, as opposed to those ones that could...you know...kill you.

v) Centurions
Master the elements with gadgets. Coolest premise with the most awesome toys ever. I always wanted to be Max Ray.

These are just a few the come to mind. Granted that there were so many more that I just loved, and I'm sure retro fan-boys out there could think of many that I may have missed. Either way, it was a celebrated time for characters, story-lines and the action figure market.

Doesn't it just take you back?