Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fine Art

[Epic Cringer]

Everyone appreciates art that they can understand: some stray to impressionist art sometimes looks like kindergarten creations, others go European and tea-and-crumpets; whatever your fancy; art is purely up to the individual (read: always go with what you like).

Artist, Robert Burden, has been into pop-culture for a while.

His paintings are epic "portraits" of the small action figures from his boy-hood. He portrays the magnificence of these figures from the eyes of a child and a retro-fan - representing power, beauty, good and evil, and imagination.

If you were to read into it, Burden's paintings also represent more tangible ideals such as the nostalgia that many of us link to action figures of the classic era as well as the semblance of a a free childhood - "free from the politics of race and religion. It was free from the burdens of history. It was free from rhetoric and paranoia, bitterness and regret, cynicism and despair". I guess that's what the 80's was all about.

Burden's works include Mattel's Battle Cat Limited Edition Print (US$225) measuring 16" x 20" and limited to only 100 prints. In addition to Cringer, there's also a Hasbro's Serpentor Limited Edition Print and Toybiz' The Riddler Limited Edition Print.

Robert Burden's Toybox can be found here.