Monday, June 28, 2010

Thundercats Are On The Loose !

[Cheetara: the Megan Fox of Third Earth]

It's better late than never that Classic Articulation bring to the attention of retro fans out there the revival of the ThunderCats into their newest representation as purchasable porcelain cold-cast statues.

It was in May 2009 that Warner Brothers gave Hard Hero, a company specializing in highly detailed fantasy statues, the rights to produce a line of collectible statues based on the ThunderCats characters. In August 2009, the first statue Lion-O character became available for pre-order. Since then, Hard Hero has produced the following:
  • Cheetara
  • Bengali
  • Mumm-ra
Each of these highly-detailed statues stand at roughly 11" and are desktop testaments to your love of all things classic - and sure to be the envy of any of your geeky friends.

In June 2010, Bandai announced that new toylines will be released, based on both the classic and the 2011 series. This is a serious development in the re-engineering of the ThunderCats line and we can only sit and wait on what comes out of it.