Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dark Storm Coming

[Visionaries: you know it!]
Written by GL

It's time to cycle back through all that good stuff that be used to love. Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light was a true classic cartoon that just didn't last very long, sad enough to say. The show had a pretty solid premise, the characters were memorable, if not over-cliched to the fight between good and evil, and the action figures were pure class.

So, you had the Spectral Knights on one side of the fence, and the Darkling Lords on the other. And the circle of life continued on for just about a season.

[Darkling Lords: the 1987 line-up]

Being on the side of evil was never a good thing; you always had to face defeat, your morals were alway shoddy, you never got any good-natured chicks on your side and your boss was always usually an abusive dunce. This scenario was never any different for the Darkling Lords.

Rewarded for his cunning and ability to scale walls effortlessly (no arguing how that would make you a good head baddie), Darkstorm was the leader of the Darkling Lords.

[Darkstorm: wondering who un-tied his shoe laces]

Even before receiving his totem powers, he commanded the allegiance of Reekon and Mortredd; two of the in-waiting lackeys. In the pilot episode of the show, Darkstorm moved on to gain the further allegiance of the other members of his would-be Darkling Lords when finding them caught in a trap during the quest to Merklynn's shrine. In all his charm, Darkstorm made all those trapped swear loyalty to him in exchange for helping to freeing them. Because, if anything is right in this world, it's best to always kick people when they're down.

His bad mamma-jamma is so bad in fact that he even managed, in episode 7 to overthrow the great wizard Merklynn and assume the throne of Iron Mountain. Darkstorm is, without a doubt, a central character in every one of the shows - with his devious plot-brewing and dastardly schemes.
[Original Backcard: I miss these things]

He bears the totem of the mollusk and his power staff holds the Power of Decay. The cartoon showed he also had a secondary power to reverse his own Decay, a talent that is not commonly found in the other Visionaries collective.

To instigate the Power of Decay, one merely needed to recite: "By what creeps, what crawls, by what does not, Let all that grows recede and rot!" To reverse it (when you're in a good mood), utter: "Power of rot, obscuring truth, What once was old restore to youth!" On one note, this power to rot any substance was usually used by Darkstorm to wear down the armour of his foes.
[Original Action Figure: I had this !]

Release along with everyone else in in the 1987 action figure line, Darkstorm comes packed with his Decay power staff and a twin-bladed hand axe - all must-haves for the aspiring abusive head baddie.

Bring on the decay !