Saturday, February 7, 2009

Come With The Thunder

[Blue Thunder: you can't tell if it's flying or not]
Written by GL

Some of you true classic fans out there may remember the 'other' helicopter' movie - the one right on par with Airwolf. It was one of the most recognizable retro vehicles of all time, and it has been (as of this quarter of the year) reproduced for your owning.

The Blue Thunder die-cast copter features; a nose Gatling gun that is mobile and movable (able to rotate up, down and side-to-side), a removable canopy and a detailed cockpit with all the panels.

Remember the old school one that was made out of plastic? Get it now in die-cast. This gem is set to be released in March 2009 and you're looking at a going price of USD$130 (or BND$195). To be found at all good online resellers.